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Life Safety Consulting

The purpose of life safety is to minimize the possible danger to life and property from various threats including fire and smoke. Life safety codes have long since been established to address various concerns relating to the construction, protection, and occupancy features of facilities and buildings. These codes identify the criterion necessary to minimize danger to life from the effects of fire, smoke, heat, and toxic gases. Egress issues, such as exiting patterns and egress designs, are also factor as they establish the guidelines intended to allow for the timely escape of a building’s occupants in the event of a fire and other dangerous situations. Other considerations essential to life safety, including the protective features and systems within a building and the activities necessary for maintaining such features and systems have also been taken into account within life safety codes.

Aon’s life safety experts have a deep understanding of fire and life safety codes. Our team members have conducted industry best practice workshops, authored numerous books and performed leading roles in developing and implementing industry standards for life and safety. We provide our clients with written reviews and assessments regarding the adequacy of existing fire protection and life safety conditions relative to fire, occupant behavior patterns and other safety considerations.

Our professionals systematically assess the risks and potential contributors to an emergency event, fire or hazardous material incident that could put occupants at risk. By evaluating local applicable codes and unique requirements, we are able to provide a holistic solution for our clients giving them peace of mind.

Life Safety Services
  • Fire and Life Safety Evaluation
  • Fire and Life Safety Master Planning and Program Development
  • Human Behavior Analysis
  • Mass Notification System Design and Planning
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Evacuation Planning and Egress Modeling
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
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